Explore Argentina and Beautiful Buenos Aires

Posted On: March 5, 2016

Exploring Beautiful Buenos Aires, Argentina

After a sweet long night’s sleep we enjoyed a late breakfast in our room before finally heading out to meet our private driver arranged through Regent. Today we get to indulge in the exploration of Buenos Aires, Argentina, one of the countries sweetest cities!

We hop on a quick bus ride from the boat to the terminal and Ignacio, a twenty some year old eager young man is waiting for us to start the day. Catching up on sleep came at a cost but was well worth it. Now with only 5 hours instead of 8 we needed to get a move on… so much to see!

This city is absolutely dreamy! You will find the famous Palo Borracho, the “drunken tree” of Buenos Aires. These trees are everywhere. There is even a very large modern sculpture dedicated in it’s honor. It’s mystery flower opens with the sun and closes at night.

Next it is time to visit Catedral Metropolitana. This is the main Catholic church in Buenos Aires overlooking Plaza de Mayo in the neighborhood of San Nicolas. This cathedral contains the tomb of Jose de San Martin, Argentina’s most revered historical figure.


Next on our stop was Teatro Colon, opened in 1908 and is considered to be one of the best opera houses in the world. This massive structure is spread over an entire block and stands 7 stories high. With seating for 2,500 spectators and standing room for an additional 1,000 it truly is inspirational.



A must stop on today’s list, La Recoleta Cemetery. This incredible above-ground cemetery, lined with mausoleums and statues as far as the eyes could see reminiscent of something you would see in New Orleans. One of the most popular residents at peace is Evita Peron, former beloved First Lady of Argentina. Many still place flowers and notes on her tomb.


Amongst the lively neighborhoods to visit across Buenos Aires, Argentina is La Boca. This is literally the most colorful neighborhood, boasting it’s brightly painted houses built by Italian immigrants. The lively energy of the famous Caminito walk way is lined with cafes, tango shows, and local artists selling their treasures.


Perhaps one of the most brilliant experiences was discovering La Gran Paraiso, a tucked away for locals and tourists fortunate enough to have heard about this little spot. This eatery is not for the faint at heart. In addition to typical chicken and sausage, this full barbeque included every part of the cow… from kidneys to intestines. Although not my cup of tea, Scott enjoyed trying it all.


With a full day and stomach we were ready to head back to the ship for the infamous life jacket drill before our grand Bon Voyage. By the time we made it back to our room our nightly canapés were waiting for us to enjoy. We headed to The Compass Rose Restaurant for a lovely meal on board and enjoyed a nightcap in Observation Lounge before calling it a night to this lovely day. Cheers!