Vacation Time Regent Seven Seas Cruise

Posted On: February 25, 2016

Ready, Set, GO!

3:30am wake up time, bed so comfy but who needs sleep… only about 23 hours stands in the way of us and the sun rays of Buenos Aires! Struggling to climb away from the warmth of my bed with husband still sound asleep and two of my four legged space thieves mixed somewhere in the sheets I managed to find myself awake at last.

4:15 am the girls are barking up a storm so we know what that means Jimmy and Golden Limo Worldwide are on site, early as usual and ready to jet us off to the airport. Scott is hurrying me along but full makeup and hair this early is not so easy… he asks me how much longer I respond “2 minutes” lol but even I don’t believe myself and it makes me laugh!

Arrived at the airport bright and early and am in desperate need of a dose of caffeine and SFO is the place to deliver. We came across American Airlines Admiral Club first and decided to give it a go. We love the American Express Centurion Lounge, it is our go to especially when you need a brilliant hot plate of yummy food but so early in the morning I was happy with coffee and the more than helpful AA concierge.

Here we go first leg of this journey SFO to MIA. Considering we have a 5 hour layover before heading on to Buenos Aires I am ready to catch a movie and a nice Bloody Mary and a little zzz’s. This plane is a bit older but what it lacks in shine is made up for in some witty flight stewards. The seats in First Class are not flat beds but nonetheless comfortably spacious , so I traded in catching up on a chick flick for a drop down screened movie of Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur, but Bloody Mary in hand so all is good. Time to disconnect by reconnecting with a little bit of Pixar magic! Cheers!

Day 2 of 15, Saturday Feb 20th

Landed in Buenos Aires bright and early Saturday morning… First Class seats on LAN Air were a blessing on this 9 hour flight. We were extremely comfortable and plenty of room to spread out. The Flight Attendants were more than attentive ensuring we had plenty of delicious vino to settle us in for the evening.


We were greeted by a representative for Regent Cruise Line and led us to a group of fellow passengers and this confirmed what we had previously heard, we would definitely be the young ones on this cruise. During our wait for a few others to arrive I was starting to regret not arranging a driver for us to go straight to the hotel rather than go in a big group… so we were pleasantly surprised as the 16 or so of us were escorted to the rather large air conditioned bus.

We went directly to the Sofitel for our one night escapade in Buenos Aires before boarding the ship the following day. The Sofitel is a high-rise, art nouveau building and is beautifully located in The Retiro District. Although our room was on the small side it was fine since the stay would be short. The hotel has a posh pub and all spirits come with a generous pairing of snacks. We decided to order a cheese tray and were shocked at the pounds of cheese that were delivered to our table… yum!


Fueled by cheese and champagne we were ready to take the casual and exploratory walk to The Paseo de las Artesanias. An array of booths filled with local gems made by artists ranging from leather goods, clothes, jewelry and art! It was like a scene from a movie! People sitting on the lawn enjoying lunch and laughter and the live guitar music and signing from a local musician.


After soaking in the colorful atmosphere of The Paseo, it was time to find that perfect spot to enjoy an aperitif before dinner. The atmosphere of Singapur Lounge Bar drew us in but the seriousness of our mixologist was entertaining. He created a beautiful concoction of a potion and it was delicious. Directly across the street we spotted El Mirasol De La Recova. a classic Argentine Steakhouse… and this Texas girl loves a good steak so table for 2 please! The staff at El Mirasol were wonderful and the food was more than plentiful with generous cuts of meat and sides to feed an army.

Time to end the night, we have a ship to catch in the morning! Looking forward to getting settled in and exploring Buenos Aires on Monday! Cheers!